Brimfield Eldersburg MD HOA
Brimfield Eldersburg MD HOA

Yard Waste Collection (Optional Add On)

by Fogle’s Refuse, LLC (dba Area Refuse Service)

Optional Yard Waste (Y/W) collection is available to Brimfield residents upon request to Area Refuse for an additional fee of less than $75 a year.

Note: the yard waste fees are optional and separate from the regular annual collection group fees paid through Brimfield HOA in June. To sign up for regular trash collection, contact the Brimfield HOA treasurer (click here for more info on regular trash collection). To add the yard waste service, contact Area Refuse at 410-795-7422.

Upon activation of the yard waste service with Area Refuse, you may sit yard waste out for collection on any or all dates listed below. Please mark your calendars. Area Refuse included yard waste pickup dates through December to help with the collection of all the fall leaves.

   Yard Waste Collection Schedule

   2024 Pickup Dates for Brimfield:

  • April 3 and 17
  • May 1 and 15
  • June 5 and 19
  • July 10 and 31
  • August 21
  • September 11 and 25
  • October 9 and 23
  • November 6 and 20
  • December 11

Printable Yard Waste flyer

Carroll County’s Solid Waste Ordinance ‘prohibits’ yard waste from being mixed with standard household refuse. Thus yard waste must be segregated & managed separately. By signing up for the optional Yard Waste collection service, Area Refuse crews will pick up yard waste and ONLY yard waste on the pre-set collection dates show above.

Once this service has been activated through Area Refuse, and linked to your “ARS” account, you be automatically be enrolled and billed for this service every year thereafter, until you either call Area Refuse or send them written notification of your desire to cancel this “optional service”. The add-on yard waste billing is processed in March at a discounted Brimfield HOA Community rate. Call for Area Refuse for the current rate. 

See below for the basic guidelines provided by Area Refuse. Please call Area Refuse at 410-795-7422 for questions or additional information on how to sign up, limits, and how to prepare yard waste for pickup. 

  • There is a LIMIT of THIRTY {30} bags and / or bundles per collection. Due to County Landfill Regulations, all yard waste MUST be packaged in paper lawn bags. Yard waste can also be package in individual containers {trash cans to be emptied and left behind}. * * * Under no circumstances will PLASTIC BAGS be collected; yard waste contained in plastic bags will not be collected * * *
  • There will be NO Tree Stumps, Rocks, Dirt, or Lumber collected during yard waste collection.
  • All brush and/or limbs must be less than six {6} feet in length and four {4} inches in diameter and MUST be bundled together ~ ~ Loose limbs sitting curbside will NOT be collected!
  • Please have yard waste out for collection the night PRIOR to scheduled collection dates! If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Area Refuse.33