Brimfield Eldersburg MD HOA
Brimfield Eldersburg MD HOA

Trash Collection

Carroll County does not provide trash pickup.

Several private trash collection companies are available for hauling away trash.


CarrollCountyTrashTruckTo help keep trash collection costs down, we have negotiated a group discount for the members of our community. Our rates include once-a-week regular trash collection and regular recycling. The trash collection company we use is Area Refuse. Pick-up day is every Friday morning, except for a few holiday weeks, when it is the previous Wednesday.  Please be sure to place your trash at the curb on Thursday evening. Note: Recycle cans are available thru Area Refuse.

To participate in the plan and receive the group discount, you can sign up at the beginning of the new collection year or we will prorate the fees if you join once the year has started. All trash collection money is due by mid June for the collection year of July 01 through June 30. To join the trash program during the current year, contact the Brimfield HOA Treasurer.


It is important to understand the guidelines for putting items in the regular recycling cans being picked up by Area Refuse. In addition to what they have on their website, we have been instructed to not put anything plastic that looks like a bag since these jam up the recycling sorting machines. Bags containing dog feces need to go in the regular trash, not in with the recycling. 



Live Christmas tree pick up is included for anyone who participates in the group plan. Our neighborhood Christmas Tree pick-up date is typically scheduled for the second Wednesday in January and will be posted on our Events calendar


Regular recycling is included, but yard waste is not. Yard waste collection is available to our residents, upon request to Area Refuse, for an additional fee under $75.00 a year. For more information on how you can add yard waste pickups contact Area Refuse. Their website is  Remember, they will only pick up yard waste in paper bags. For more information regarding yard waste, visit our Yard Waste page. Current year yard waste collection schedule.

BULK HAULING: collected every Wednesday – Call Area Refuse for a Price Quote

This service is for items that cannot be collected with the regular trash collection. Includes yard waste, furniture, appliances, mattresses, large piles of junk. Call Area Refuse at 410-795-7422 for an estimate and to schedule collection of your Bulk Hauling items.



(Available to all Carroll County Residents)

Carroll County Recycling in the Home (link to Carroll County Government website)

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) info on how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Bulk items and yard waste can be taken to the Northern Landfill in Westminster (see flyer for details) or Hoods Mill Landfill in Woodbine (see flyer for details) at any time by Carroll County residents during normal operating hours. Note: There are drop-off fees for some items as described in each flyer and you may be asked to show identification showing residency. For more information, visit the Carroll County Landfill / Recycling website.

— Northern Landfill in Westminster: Open Mon-Fri 7am-4:30pm and Saturday 7am-3pm (click here for more info)
——- The landfill is located at 1400 Baltimore Blvd, Westminster (MD Route 140), two miles east of MD Route 97.

— Hoods Mill Landfill in Woodbine: Open Saturdays only 7am-11:45am (WeCare Denali will establish a residential yard waste drop-off at their operation on Kabik Court. Carroll County residents with proper identification will be permitted to deliver yard waste, from their own property, free of charge on Saturdays from 7 am to 11:45 AM.)

Free Mulch is no longer available from the Carroll County Landfill. The Carroll County landfill accepts things like computers, electronics, tires, car batteries, portable tv sets, yard waste, and much more. The Northern Landfill is able to process a larger variety of items than Hoods Mill. See the county website or flyer for details or call the Northern Landfill at 410-386-4550.

They also have a special place (see Northern Landfill map) to take items that can still be used by others. See the Northern Landfill flyer for more information on their recycling center. This is for residential use only – no televisions or computer monitors.