Brimfield Eldersburg MD HOA
Brimfield Eldersburg MD HOA

The History of Brimfield


The community of Brimfield was built by Masonry Contractors, Inc. on approximately 48 acres of farmland (see image on the left).

The land was purchased through Woodhaven Building & Development, Inc. The homes were built by Masonry Contractors, Inc. Martin K. P. Hill owned both Woodhaven Building & Development, Inc. and Masonry Contractors, Inc.  Both companies were located on Hanover Pike in Manchester, Maryland when the homes in Brimfield were built.

The Brimfield Homeowners Association, Inc. was incorporated in 1984.

In 1998, Masonry Contractors merged with Macks Homes (see Baltimore Sun Article). Mr. Hill continues to run Woodhaven Building & Development and the business is still located at 4175 Hanover Pike, Manchester, MD.

The homes in Brimfield were built in six phases. Beginning in 1985, three model homes were built at the top of Brimfield Circle  (on the left side when entering the community, opposite the community sign). Phase I building began in 1986. Each subsequent phase depended on the successful completion of the prior phase. Although the final completion date for the community was targeted for December 31, 1987, phase five and six weren’t completed until 1988.

In 1987, Woodhaven Building and Development, Inc. also purchased a strip of land on MacBeth Way between Slacks Rd and Brimfield Circle. Additional homes were built on MacBeth Way using the same models in Brimfield, but they are not a part of the Brimfield community. Masonry Contractors built many communities throughout Carroll County. You will see similar home styles in the Eldersburg Estates off MacBeth Way behind Pizza Hut and in Westminster.

When Woodhaven Building & Development, Inc. purchased the farmland to build the community of Brimfield, there was a private cemetery on the land. Part of the purchase agreement stipulated that the remains, tombstones, and the like, would not be removed and that the cemetery would continue to be available to persons having an interest in the cemetery. The cemetery is located at 1673 Brimfield Circle. Masonry Contractors built the wood steps leading to the cemetery and we added the iron fence.