Brimfield Eldersburg MD HOA
Brimfield Eldersburg MD HOA

Wight Family Cemetery in Brimfield

When the community of Brimfield was built in 1989 there was a family cemetery which dates back to the 1800s on the land. This cemetery is still located inside Brimfield Circle, between house numbers 1669 and 1675. The graves have been preserved by a group of residents in Brimfield by removing the overgrowth and placing a wrought iron fence around them.

On February 13, 1805, Zachariah Maccubbin sold Richard Wight, both of Baltimore County, 86.5 acres of “Adam’s Garden” for 216 English pounds.

In 1837, Carroll County was created from parts of Baltimore and Frederick Counties. In 1805, when the land was transfered from Zachariah Maccubbin to Richard Wight, the land was in Baltimore County.


Four identified headstones:


Richard Wight Senior
March 25, 1735 – January 8, 1809
Born in Licestershire, England

Inscription reads: Sacred Memory to RICHARD WIGHT Seal born in Liecstershire (Leicstershire) England on March 25th, 1735 departed this life on January 8th 1809. Aged 74 years 9 months and 14 days.

Note: The math used to calculate the age on the headstone is incorrect. Assuming the dates are correct, he was still 73 years old when he passed.


Elizabeth Bartholmes Gelley Wight 
August 24, 1750 – September 21, 1819
other possible spellings of name Bartholmew and Colley instead of Gelley

Wife of Richard Wight Senior and daughter of Henry Gelley of Crooksmore Near, Shefield Yorkshire, England.

Inscription reads: Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Bartholmes Wight, wife of Richard Wight Sen & Daughter of Henry Gelley of Crooksmore near Sheffield Yorkshire England. Born August 24th 1750 departed this life September 21st 1819. Aged 69 years and 28 days.


Elizabeth McCullough
February 14, 1780 – May 12, 1855

Daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Wight

Inscription reads: In memory of Elizabeth McCullough, Daughter of Elizabeth and Richard Wight Sen who Departed this life 12 May 1855. Aged 75 years 3 months and 29 days. Additional text is unreadable at this time.



Levi Wight
May 25, 1798 – December 5, 1859

Grandson of Richard and Elizabeth Wight

Inscription reads: Levi Wight, who departed this life (only the l still shows) 5 December 1858 aged 61 years 5 months 14 days. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.