About Us - The Brimfield Homeowners Association


The Brimfield Homeowners Association (HOA) is a non-profit Maryland corporation which was incorporated in 1984. We operate and maintain the common areas in the community while regulating and administering the policies of the Brimfield by-laws for the benefit and enjoyment of all owners and occupiers of the community.


The Brimfield HOA is comprised of homeowners in the community elected into board positions on an annual basis. Click here for the current list of Board Members / Officers / Committees


The History of Brimfield

The community of Brimfield was built by Masonry Contractors, Inc. on approximately 48 acres of farmland.  


The community in the late 1980s

The community in 2010

The community in 2011


Brimfield Common Areas

The Brimfield common areas  are owned by the Brimfield Home Owner Association. They are designated areas outside of the property lines of each home owner. They include approximately 15 acres open space, surrounding the homesites, paths parking area and common facilities. Some of the open space areas are to be left in as natural a state as possible and others are landscaped. There are several recreation areas including three picnic areas, an athletic field, a basketball court and two play areas with playground equipment. (View common open areas map.)


Home Styles

The community consists of three basic style homes; The Shaker, The Miller, and The Homestead. All of the homes on Brimfield Circle, Quad Lane and Littlewood Court are a variation of one of these three styles.